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Sex has tons of physical health benefits, but you may not know how important it is for your psyche.  In some ways, humans are very simple creatures.  We crave food, shelter, love and sex.  But why is sex so important to us?

One major reason we love sex so much is that it makes us feel good!  Not only do our bodies react to sexual pleasure, but our brains do as well.  When we experience sexual excitement and orgasm, our brain releases “feel-good” chemicals that relieve stress and make us feel happy.  A feisty romp is also good exercise, which causes our bodies to release even more of those chemicals.

Some studies have shown that our self-esteem also improves after sex.  We’ve allowed ourselves to surrender to pleasure and now we can brag about it!  No, we’re not saying you should kiss and run around and tell everyone.  We’re talking about a mental brag.  You had a good experience, you’re feeling sexy and calm now, and your ego is boosted.

Sex tends to increase feelings of intimacy between you and your partner.  Basically, it brings you closer.  Couples with active, healthy sex lives report less stress and arguments within their relationships.

Sex has been shows to decrease feelings of depression, anxiety and anger as well, leaving you feeling relaxed.

Some studies even show that contact with semen can act as an antidepressant for women!

Sex also promotes good sleep, which is a key part of living well.  The hormones released during sex help you fall asleep.  When you get the proper amount of good sleep you’re going to be happier overall, with less stress and depression than people who do not sleep enough.

These benefits are not even dependent on orgasm, just sexual arousal and pleasure.  So not only is the act of sex releasing hormones in your brain that make you feel good, you also feel closer to your partner which carries over into other areas of your life.  Being sexually active is actually incredibly important to your mental health and overall wellbeing and for those that wish to turn their love life up a notch or two then the introduction of sex toys into many a relationship has proven to improve many couple’s sexual relationship.