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The Dos and Don’ts of Practising Safe Sex

Safe sex is defined as the engagement in sexual contact while implementing protective measures between you and your partner. This is protection against unexpected pregnancy and STIs.

All sounds a bit intense, right! Not to worry – safer sex does not mean boring sex; you can still enjoy great bedroom intimacy while preventing the incurred sexual risks.

This is our Guide to Safe Sex – We provide some simple safe sex tips you can apply in your next intimate outing. In this article, we will be exploring options for contraception and how to spice things up with the latest sex toys.

How to Enjoy Safer Sex

With the increased risks surrounding unsafe sex, sexual couplings are encouraged to incorporate contraception. An unplanned pregnancy or STI are best prevented with sexual protection that fits within your lifestyle and ensures you and your partner continue to enjoy all those intimate moments.


The most common and readily available form of contraception is a condom. It’s purpose is to act as a barrier against the exchange of bodily fluids. When correctly applied in combination with a spermicide, it can improve overall protection against pregnancy and disease transmission.

Condoms have evolved from the traditional wrapper to include a variety of interesting flavours and consistencies from studded to ribbed to improve sensation and have sex enjoyable. For vaginal and anal sex, condoms must be worn.

Male condoms are unwrapped and worn over appendage while female condoms are designed to fit within the vagina. Consisting of polyurethane, it is flexible, lubricated and available in a single size. The diaphragm is the most recognized female condom, but it cannot prevent STI spread.

Double bag is the application of two condoms with the intention of increasing safety. This approach is not safe at all – DO NOT DO THIS! It could slip off or the friction could cause it to tear.

The Pill

‘The Pill’ is a form of contraception that does not protect against STIs but reduces the risk of pregnancy and controls the menstrual period. It must be taken daily around the same time.


An IUD (intrauterine device) is inserted by a doctor into the to uterus of a woman, in order to prevent pregnancy. It must remain in position, and in being present will prove highly effective against unplanned pregnancy.

Sex Toys if Sex is Not an Option

For young couples looking to experience intimacy without engaging in intercourse, the modern sex toy range offers a variety of interesting devices and techniques to make for a more pleasurable experience. Sex toys can introduce sheer playfulness and enjoyment for partners without going all the way.

Before performing such intimate fun, sex toy education is a must!

To find the right sex toy for your needs, determine which areas are aimed at stimulation, what the purpose is of introducing these spicy extras, what makes you feel comfortable and safe materials.

The Vibrator

The vibrator is a good choice for clitoral stimulation. External vibration, pulses and buzzing are featured functions. Penetration can be engaged if desired.

Prostate Massager

For fun in the bedroom, the prostate massager can bring masculine pleasure.

Vibrating Ring

A vibrating or cock ring for men is a popular masturbation toy.

Bedroom Accessories

Create an intimate atmosphere with blindfolds, feathers and handcuffs.

Safe, Clean and Memorable Sex

Engaging in safe and enjoyable sex is about mutual respect. Deep kissing, heavy petting, massages and cuddling are safe and great ways to enjoy one another without risk. If you are going to engage in intercourse, always be prepared with the appropriate contraception.