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The one night stand for the first time seeker may seem enticing, overwhelming or just down right awkward if you are unsure of what you are doing. The reality of a one night stand is certainly far from your expectation of what it should be but with the right approach and knowing how to read the right signals, it could be the hottest encounter of your life. The spontaneity of hooking up with someone you barely know in an evening for passionate lovemaking can certainly ignite much excitement, but many wake the next morning with potential regret and a severe lack of sobriety. With the following simple tips, we can help you better prepare for your one night stand experience by exploring what to expect, how to make it hot and how to enjoy it.

The Misconception of the Sexy Stranger

The expectation of a one night stranger is the allure of not knowing the person you are about to get intimate with. It is a fantasy of finding someone beautifully and sensually attractive and engaging in unrivaled passion without any attachment. The reality is something else.  Most one night stands are with people you may know or acquaintances. It could be someone you work with, met at a friend’s party or even your ex-partner.

Choose the Right Person

While it is difficult to select the right individual for a one night stand, keep your options open. When at a bar or club, do not fall for the first guy or girl to give you that much desired attention, although it is your choice.

The Plan

If you are finally prepared to move forward with your no-strings attached intimacy, best be prepared. A failure to put the right plan in place can leave you desperate, which is a complete turn-off and a risk.

Get yourself cleaned and preened. Smooth skin, a fresh fragrance and a beautiful trim appearance will create all the right impressions and give you the confidence you need to create a steamy memorable experience.

Minimize Risk

Take precautionary measures to avoid an unplanned pregnancy or STI. Both men and women should carry the necessary contraception for an enjoyable but safe night.

Prepare Your Mind

Do not get caught up in the moment and get attached to your sultry partner. If you cannot detach then do not have a one night stand. It is what it is; a one night stand requires control of your emotions and a thorough understanding of independence.

Choose the Location

Will your rendezvous be happening at your place or his? Always consider the dangers of meeting a stranger for the first time and going to an undisclosed location. Make smart decisions that protect your interests.

Making Your One Night Stand Hot

For an intimate encounter, you must feel safe, take charge and understand what is involved. If you know how to detach and let go of your inhibitions, you can make your one night stand whatever you want it to be. It can be passionate and slow or hot and heavy, after all you may not ever see your sexy partner in the near future.