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For all you ambitious folks who have gone through the first list of tips.

  1. Slow Dancing Naked

Ok, it might sound a little cheesy, but don’t write it off just yet.  Building up that sexual tension is key to having a great romp in the sack.  Dancing is a great way to do it!  I’m not talking about lap dances or grinding.  I’m talking about close, intimate dancing.  Your skin against your partner’s, close and intimate and sensual.  Run your hands up and down each other’s back, neck, in their hair.  You might be surprised how sexy you feel without actually touching any genitalia.  You’re building up that tension with the tease of skin on skin and sweet, soft touches.  We’re willing to bet after just a few minutes neither of you will be able to hold back any longer!

  1. Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is a lost art these days.  We’re so used to communicating via text in various situations we’re actually talking less in general.  While sexy texting throughout the day is great, dirty talk in bed, actually using those vocal chords, is a super-hot way to spice things up.  Dirty talk will vary based on the situation and comfort level with your partner.  It can range from whispering sweet nothings in your lover’s ear to commands to straight up telling them what a naughty little slut they are!  If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend compliments.  Tell them what they’re doing right, how good it feels, how much you love their body.  You’ll be amazed at how much talking will turn you both on!

  1. Massage

We’ve all run into this situation once or twice.  Your partner is stressed out, had a long day, is worried about something going on…basically, they’re just not in the mood for sex.  Maybe it’s even the very last thing on their mind.  A nice massage is a great way to relax them and get them in the mood for some fun!  Light some candles and turn on some sexy music.  Use some massage oil with a light, pleasant scent (lavender is great for relaxation).  Transition from a regular massage to some sexy touching.  Focus on their hips and thighs with smooth but strong strokes.  If your partner is female, lightly massaging her breasts is a great option, too!  If you’re using protection, make sure your massage oil is condom-friendly!

  1. Get Out of the Bedroom

A change of scenery can be surprisingly exciting.  We’re not advocating anything that could get you into legal trouble here.  You can switch it up right in your own house!  Have you ever been so horny you just didn’t make it to the bedroom?  Bring that feeling back with this fun tip.  Maybe you want to get it on in the living room.  This is also a fun way to do different positions that you just can’t do in bed.  Bent over the arm of the couch, up against the wall in the hallway, on top of the dining room table, in your office chair…There are so many possibilities!  You might just find a new favorite spot.

  1. Watch a Movie

There seems to be a school of thought out there that women don’t like porn.  It’s just not true.  We love porn as much as men!  Find a genre that you both enjoy and find a good movie.  You can find something online of course, but for even more fun to lead up to a hot sex session take a drive to your nearest adult store!  Browse the DVD section for something that looks enticing.  Just looking at all the cover photos can really get you both going.  Maybe you’ll even find some sexy lingerie or some new sex toys to add to the fun.  For those that are a fan of  vibrators, you will be pleased to hear that there is such a wide range of styles and shapes available now to suit all tastes.